A Date To Remember

Led by Founder and Creative Date Planner Lida Elias, Save My Date provides couples with personalized, unique date experiences and unforgettable marriage proposals. No date is too big or too small. Want an evening planned in Toronto? No problem! Want a weekend planned in Las Vegas? No problem! Some of the most frequently requested services include:

Romantic Dates
Birthday Celebrations
Weekend Getaways
Engagement Proposals
Exclusive Transportation Services

The Perfect Date In Three Simple Steps

Step 1
Contact me! The first thing we’ll do is chat so I can get a sense of the kind of date you’re looking for. We can talk on the phone, by email or in person. Whatever works for you.

Step 2
Together we’ll complete a brief questionnaire. Basically, what I’ll be looking for is personality characteristics, likes, dislikes and budgetary constraints. With that information, I’ll be able to create a personalized and unique experience just for you. You will also receive a personalized quote for your unique date.

Step 3
I’ll take the information gathered and send you a complete itinerary of your date, which will include things like venue location, dress code, directions and any other pertinent information. If all looks good, I’ll go ahead and make all the arrangements and bookings for your date. Once you get the itinerary, all that will be left to do is enjoy your date and take the credit!

The cost to set up the perfect date varies based on the length and complexity of the date. Please contact me and I will get back to you with a personalized quote.